Asterisk Supper Club: Because Semicolons are Overrated

For my first experience with afternoon tea, I wasn’t expecting to have it at a supper club, especially since we door-busted at 1 pm. But, lo and behold, Asterisk Supper Club provided the perfect spot to have tea with my book club a few weekends ago.

Established in 2016, Asterisk Supper Club is a recent edition to Westerville and the Columbus foodie scene. According to their website, the owners wanted to pay homage to Westerville’s history as the “Dry Capitol of the World” and remained a dry city until 2006- well after prohibition ended. As you walk in, the vintage charm is evident with the rich wooden bar, HUGE bookshelves, and cozy atmosphere. Balancing the old world decor are just enough sleek and industrial details to add a modern, sophisticated flair. In a nutshell, this place was meant to be Instagrammed.


Is this not the most beautiful bookshelf you’ve ever seen?

Adding to the welcoming ambiance, our menus were delivered inside vintage books (bookworms eat your heart out, but after your meal). While a ton of fun, eclectic dishes were listed, they all revolved around one overarching theme: comfort food. With classics like grilled cheese and tomato soup, ravioli, and chicken and waffles, you’ll walk out with a full heart, full tummy, and ready for the best food coma of your life.

While that’s all fine and dandy, we were there for tea.

As I’ve been trying to familiarize myself with afternoon tea for our upcoming trip to London, it’s safe to say that Asterisk’s afternoon tea and sandwich selections kept the foodie in mind. While there were traditional options, like English Breakfast tea, Earl Grey, and cucumber sandwiches, there were some more exotic and out-of-the-box creations. How about a Jasmine Pearl green tea with a strawberry cream cheese sandwich on raisin bread? Believe it or not, one of the sandwich options was peanut butter and jelly. Because I  like something sweet with my tea, I opted for the chai latte with strawberry and pb&j sandwiches. This was a fulfilling combination for several reasons:

1) The chai was an excellent balance of spicy and sweet. Some chai, especially the pre-made mixes, can be too sweet and syrupy tasting. This chai was aromatic, milky, and had a healthy zing of spice.

2) I used to take raisin bread sandwiches for lunch. As in just raisin bread and butter. Many insisted this wasn’t a sandwich. Well, Asterisk made a slightly fancier version of it and it was delicious. HOW YA LIKE ME NOW, HATERS?!

3) This was my first pb & j sandwich. Yes, you read that correctly. I haven’t had a pb &j before this one. No, my childhood wasn’t awash with misery and deprivation. I just don’t really care for jelly all that much. However, if you fed this to me as a child, I could be convinced.

I got plenty of vitamin C from those strawberries. That means I ate healthy, right?

As if this combination wasn’t heavenly enough, dessert was not to be beat. Dessert consisted of a scone with clotted cream and jam and an actual sweet dessert. For me, it was a toss up between the cream scone and the brown sugar and cinnamon scone. Wanting to keep it classic, I opted for the cream scone. Between the scone, the clotted cream, and the jam (all of which were homemade, if I recall correctly), I vaguely remember asking  our server to let me keep their baker in my basement where they would make me scones until my end days for a fair wage. This may have been creepy, but I tipped her nicely. For dessert, I ordered a lemon posset. I never had posset before, but it is a traditional British dessert that’s custard-like in consistency and typically has a citrus flavor. After all the carboloading bread and baked goods that made up much of tea time, the posset was very light and refreshing. There are several great looking recipes for posset, I’m tempted to try one out when the weather gets warmer.

If I were on death row, I’d probably ask for this as my last meal.

Amidst the inviting atmosphere, bookish details, and incredible food were lively conversation, catching up, and spending time with some great people. And we sort of talked about books, but only after a lengthy discussion about dry shampoo and skin care products. But the afternoon tea undoubtedly stood out as the highlight of my weekend. If you’re in the Columbus area, carve out some time from 1-4 to swing by Aterisk Supper Club and enjoy a truly unique tea experience.


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