Tea Corner, Sweet Tea Corner

One of my hardcore areas of geekiness is home design. I have been planning my house since I was 11 and legit made floor plans on my graph paper, inspired by the various ideas I found in house plan magazines (you know, like other 11-year-olds). I would ask my Mom to go to Home Depot and Lowe’s so I could pick out paint samples and look at cabinetry. The Sims games were amazing because not only could I micromanage my Sims to do my bidding, but I got to bring my homes to life, decorate them, and watch my Sims live in my creation. When I eventually buy my future house, it will be a religious experience.

While I’m certainly planning on having the necessities for tea, one current home trend is the coffee and tea corner. As you can probably imagine, the coffee/tea corner is a dedicated part of the kitchen or dining room with all the equipment to make the beverage of your choice. Rather than have everything jumbled with your other kitchen appliances and cups, the coffee/tea corner provides a nice retreat to focus on preparing a drink and savoring the process.

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Creating a tea corner (let’s stick with tea, it’s superior, amiright???) can be as simple or elaborate as you want. Some, like these lovely finds on Pinterest, have furniture and decorative fixtures that really enhance the tea-making experience and make you feel like you’re in your own personal tea salon. Others can be a dedicated corner of your kitchen counter. Easy for those limited on space, but still allows for a cute spot to fix yourself some tea. Regardless of how big or how small your tea corner is, they all need the same basic essentials:

  1. Tea (credits to Captain Obvious)
  2. Cups and silverware (more credits to Captain Obvious, but it’s an incentive to buy matching dishes since they’ll be on display)
  3. Holders for tea, like cute canisters for loose leaf, or a nice box or basket for tea bags. I think these birds on newsprint tea tins from World Market are fantastic.
  4. A means of heating up water. We have an electric kettle, but I’ve also used Keurigs for hot water. There’s also no problem using your stove and kettle to heat water and transport it over (just be careful if you have some distance)
  5. Bowls and storage for your tea fixings. Everybody prepares his/her tea differently, so feel free to customize how you organize your sugar bowl, honey, herbs, etc. Sugar and creamer sets are available at just about any home goods store, or you can swing by your local craft store to decorate your own. A tray might be handy to keep everything tidy.
These are winners. Found here

After that, the possibilities are endless! A simple internet or Pinterest search will show that there is no right or wrong way to set up and decorate your tea corner. Some are cozier and mimic the corner cafe, others are sleek and modern, and I love the rustic chic look. To quote Olmec from Legends of the Hidden Temple, the “choices are yours and yours alone”.

He probably drank coffee since he’s technically Guatemalan, but we can forgive him

Now, pick a corner and have at it!

Featured image credit to Beth Chapleau, as I believe it is an original photo. If you ever see this and want to come and decorate my future house, the job is yours. Found here on Pinterest


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