And now the geeky part…

Of the many geeky things I adore, the most appropriate one to kick off the geeky portion of Geeky Tea Time is my one true love (after my chinchilla): Pokemon.

Professor Oak Tea
“Every day it’s cake and tea, just my Pokemon and me”

I am 27-years-old and I still love Pokemon. If it’s wrong, I don’t wanna be right. I still have my Pokemon Blue cartridge, most of my T-shirts, and heaven help me the day I get rid of anything with Pikachu on it. In fact, I door-busted the mall 40 minutes away because it was the closest Build-A-Bear with the Pikachu stuffed animal and I was not going to be bested by some teeny-bopper whose dedication to Pikachu couldn’t have matched mine (I was second in line. The one teeny-bopper and her mom who were first in line were actually quite nice).

Pika Bourbon
Christmas 2015 was pretty solid. That is not Pikachu’s bottle of bourbon

While I still love and watch the anime (well, only the Indigo and Orange Island leagues), the games allowed people everywhere to enter this world of new creatures and adventures that was easily more fun than real life (would your mom let you loose at age 10 to wander around and battle strangers? I think not).

My sisters and I each have our favorite cities in Kanto where we’d like to live. Mine? Cerulean City because 1) Cerulean, Crayola crayon Cerulean, mind you, is one of my favorite colors and 2) it’s natural scenic beauty. There’s water, there’s woods, you can get a bike, and, best of all, Bill’s house, Sea Cottage. It’s quiet, isolated, and surrounded by nature. He gets to enjoy his solitude and be a professional geek. Ain’t that the dream?

Leave me alone, I’m professionally geeking

One area that would probably not get the same type of love is Lavender Town. It’s spooky, home to the Pokemon Tower memorial, and not much else goes on. However, Lavender Town also reveals the more sinister side of the series: that Pokemon can actually die (rather than just faint) and they have died at the hands of cruel humans, most notably the Marowak that Team Rocket killed. Given that the target demographic for the series is children, this could be potentially disturbing for an otherwise lighthearted game.

There was also a reported “Lavender Town Syndrome”, in which the high-pitched theme music for Lavender Town supposedly drove children to commit suicide and increased the incidence of illness. The Gamer From Mars excellently explains these and several other theories about Lavender Town on his Youtube video:

I mean, I think it’s quaint

Recommended tea to recover from the inevitable emotional strain: Bigelow Benefits Chamomile and Lavender Tea for sleep. Just don’t drink it near a ghost or psychic Pokemon (Dream Eater, ya know)


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